make your media social.

Keep track of the books, articles, movies, and videos you want to read and watch, recommend them to friends, and kiss the infinite Netflix scroll goodbye.

record your own picks and make your friends do the rest

When someone wants you to read some article or watch some video, tell them to Freck it to you. Their recommendation automatically gets added to your list (and don't worry, you can always delete it later in secret).

it's natural to be nosy

Check out what your friends have read or watched recently and add it to your list. Their taste in media is probably almost as good as yours!

never do the infinite Netflix scroll again

Have a friend (or "friend") over to Netflix + chill? Compare the overlap in your movie lists and instantly decide what to watch.

get actually relevant recommendations

Freck doesn't use a black box algorithm to serve you sponsored content of dubious relevance; you'll only get recommended things relevant to you and your friends. Be in the know when the group chat is discussing that latest Substack post or NYT op-ed.

I need this in my life!